AstraZeneca Launches Evinova: Revolutionizing Life Sciences with Digital Health Solutions

AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company, has launched Evinova, a separate health-tech business, to offer digital health solutions in collaboration with leading clinical research organizations. This move is expected to revolutionize the life sciences sector and improve health outcomes through evidence-led, science-based digital innovations.

A digital image representing the collaboration and innovation of AstraZeneca's Evinova in advancing digital health solutions and revolutionizing the life sciences sector.

Evinova aims to accelerate the development of new medicines, optimize clinical trials, and reduce the burden on healthcare systems. The suite of digital solutions, co-created with patients, includes a unified trial solution, study design and planning, and portfolio management. The application of digital health technologies is projected to have a significant impact on healthcare costs and patient experience. The market for digital health and care delivery is estimated to grow rapidly, with remote patient monitoring and clinical research playing a vital role.

AstraZeneca’s article in Nature Medicine highlighted how digital health technology in clinical trials can enhance the patient experience, accelerate timelines, and reduce costs. Cristina Duran, President of Evinova, expressed excitement about bringing globally-scaled digital solutions to the broader life sciences community to propel the sector forward in digital health. With strategic collaborations and a focus on science-based, evidence-led, and human experience-driven solutions, Evinova aims to deliver better health outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our Perspective

Pinnacle Digital Advisors believes that AstraZeneca’s launch of Evinova represents an innovative and consumer-friendly solution in the digital health space. By prioritizing evidence-based digital innovations and strategic collaborations, Evinova is positioned to drive meaningful advancements in health outcomes and clinical research.

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