Resilience: Innovating Cyber Insurtech with a $100mn Series D Round

Resilience, a prominent player in the cyber insurtech space, has recently closed a significant $100mn Series D round led by its primary capacity provider, Intact. The CEO of Resilience emphasizes the strategic utilization of this new funding to accelerate global expansion, scale the adoption of its holistic cyber risk platform, and target new lines such as tech E&O.

Resilience helps organizations balance their risk acceptance, mitigation, and transfer, so they can assess, measure and manage their cyber risk in an integrated and efficient manner.

The insurtech industry continues to witness a surge in fundraising efforts, especially in areas related to cybersecurity and innovation. With the Series D round led by Intact, Resilience has solidified its position and set a strong foundation for future growth and development. Resilience’s focus on global expansion and the scaling of its holistic cyber risk platform reflects a proactive stance in addressing the rapidly evolving cyber threats faced by organizations worldwide. By leveraging this substantial funding, Resilience aims to strengthen its capabilities and market presence, catering to the increasing demand for comprehensive and adaptable cyber insurance solutions. Furthermore, Resilience’s strategic direction to target new lines such as tech E&O showcases a forward-looking approach to diversifying its offerings, aligning with the evolving technology landscape and the associated risks.

This expansion into tech E&O signifies Resilience’s commitment to addressing the specific insurance needs of technology companies, presenting a tailored and strategic approach to risk management in the tech sector. The Series D round led by Intact not only provides the necessary financial resources for Resilience’s ambitious growth plans but also signifies a strong partnership that can leverage Intact’s expertise and resources to drive impactful advancements in cyber insurtech.

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This collaboration is poised to result in a synergistic relationship, generating innovative solutions and expanding the reach and impact of Resilience’s cyber risk platform. In conclusion, Resilience’s successful closure of the $100mn Series D round, with Intact at the forefront, highlights the increasing importance and potential of cyber insurtech in addressing the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Our Perspective

From Pinnacle Digital Advisors’ perspective, Resilience’s innovative and consumer-friendly solution aligns perfectly with the growing demands for enhanced security and risk management in the digital landscape. This strategic investment from Intact further validates the market potential and the value proposition of Resilience, positioning it as a key player in the evolving cybersecurity insurance sector.

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