Berlin-Based Startup omni:us Wins Zurich Innovation Championship with Digital Claims Adjuster Platform

Berlin-based company omni:us has emerged as a global winner in the 2023 Zurich Innovation Championship for its Digital Claims Adjuster platform. The championship, part of Zurich Insurance Group’s startup program, aims to identify the most innovative startups and collaborate with them on solutions for the insurance industry. This year, a record-breaking 3,500 startups participated in the competition, and omni:us was selected as one of the 13 winners. As a result, omni:us will join the other winners in a four-month accelerator program organized by Zurich, where they will have the opportunity to test the viability of their initiatives and receive financial and non-financial support, including coaching from Zurich executives and advice from internal and external experts.

omni:us Digital Claims Adjuster

Thomas Hauschild, CEO of omni:us, expressed his honor for being recognized by Zurich and highlighted the benefits of their AI-powered end-to-end claim automation solution, the Digital Claims Adjuster, in providing value to insurance companies and their customers. The platform integrates end-to-end claims automation into existing insurance systems, reducing process costs by up to 35% and enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Zurich’s group chief information and digital officer, Ericson Chan, emphasized the importance of collaborating with startups to source bold and forward-thinking ideas that create a real impact for customers. Paolo Mantero, Zurich’s group chief strategy officer, noted the blooming insurtech market and the opportunities to leverage new ideas and technologies for the future of insurance.

An image representing a futuristic insurance technology solution, symbolizing innovation and digital transformation.

Our Perspective

At Pinnacle Digital Advisors, we see omni:us’ win in the Zurich Innovation Championship as a clear demonstration of the potential for innovative solutions in the insurance industry. The Digital Claims Adjuster platform not only showcases the power of AI and claims automation but also highlights the value of collaboration between established companies and startups. This victory underscores the opportunities for disruption and customer-centric innovation within the insurance sector.

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