OneDegree Global & Microsoft Collaborate to Revolutionize Insurtech & Cybersecurity with Azure OpenAI

OneDegree Global, a prominent player in InsurTech and cybersecurity, has entered into an exciting strategic alliance with Microsoft Hong Kong. This partnership signifies an evolutionary leap as OneDegree incorporates Azure OpenAI Service into its IXT InsurTech and Cymetrics cybersecurity tools, offering innovative solutions for pressing industry challenges.

OneDegree Global and Microsoft Join Forces

At the InsureTech Connect Asia 2023 event in Singapore, OneDegree showcased its avant-garde Generative AI features, IXT Seeble and Cymetrics Copilot. Exclusively previewed in a private alpha release, these innovations challenge conventional methods, reshaping how insurance companies and corporations address intricate problems.

IXT Seeble: Pioneering Efficient Insurance Operations

IXT Seeble, a revolutionary InsurTech tool, simplifies intricate insurer operations. It enables users without technical know-how to provide prompts in straightforward language, eliminating developer involvement in essential tasks like pricing and underwriting rule setting. This AI-driven solution autonomously crafts precise code for specific regulations, curbing IT reliance, enhancing code quality, and hastening product launches. Moreover, IXT Seeble doubles as a smart customer support aid, enhancing the user experience in insurance customer service. When combined with IXT’s superior product configurator, this Generative AI chatbot aids customers and agents in comparing insurance offerings and making educated choices.

Cymetrics Copilot: Strengthening Cybersecurity Operations

Cymetrics Copilot, powered by OneDegree’s GPT, is a cybersecurity aide designed to address organizations’ ongoing digital security challenges. It utilizes AI to offer custom remediation advice, priority recommendations, and immediate responses, reducing cybersecurity issue resolution durations by nearly half. This tool enables organizations to preemptively tackle cybersecurity risks, enhancing their robustness and ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Kelvin Tse, Microsoft Hong Kong’s Head of Global Partner Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm, “Partnering with OneDegree Global enables us to supercharge innovation in InsurTech. Our Azure platform provides robust reliability, security, and worldwide availability to bolster OneDegree’s new apps and innovations.”

Alex Leung, Co-founder of OneDegree, shared, “Collaborating with Microsoft and integrating Azure OpenAI Service into our tools allows us to harness the immense capabilities of AI, offering unmatched value to our clientele and expediting product innovation.”

Our Perspective:

“We believe that the fusion of OneDegree Global’s innovative approach and Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service is a game-changer. This collaboration not only showcases the transformative power of AI in insurtech and cybersecurity but also emphasizes the importance of strategic partnerships in driving industry advancements. It’s a testament to how technology and collaboration can reshape industries for the better.”

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