Insurtechs Collaborate to Form Ethical AI in Insurance Consortium

Artificial intelligence has played an increasingly significant role in the insurance industry, prompting insurtechs to join forces. In a bid to ensure fairness and transparency in AI use, a group of insurtechs has established the Ethical AI in Insurance Consortium. This initiative seeks to set industry-wide standards for the ethical use of AI in various aspects such as underwriting, claims processing, and pricing. The founding members of this consortium include Cloverleaf Analytics, Exavalu, and Socotra. The consortium aims to foster knowledge sharing among insurance companies, AI developers, regulators, and consumer advocacy groups. Abby Hosseini, chief digital officer of Exavalu, emphasized the need to raise awareness of the impact of algorithmic bias on the insurance industry. By bringing the issue of ethics in algorithmic decision making to the forefront, the consortium hopes to accelerate the use of AI under proper guard rails and best practices. The establishment of ethical standards is expected to bring a higher level of transparency to the industry, potentially undoing decades of mistrust between the insured and the carrier. Moreover, Robert Clark, CEO and founder of Cloverleaf Analytics, stated that the consortium is striving to establish a code of ethics aimed at instilling consumer confidence and helping insurance companies avoid bias that could lead to regulatory action or class action suits. The code of ethics will encompass guidelines to ensure fairness and transparency, including addressing transparency in the use of algorithmic models and analytical decision making. With a focus on continuous auditing to promptly address potential biases in AI, the consortium is set to redefine ethical AI practices in the insurance sector, benefitting both insurers and policyholders.

An image depicting collaboration and ethical decision-making in the insurance industry.

Our Perspective

As a leading digital consulting company, Pinnacle Digital Advisors recognizes the significance of ethical AI standards in the insurance industry. The formation of the Ethical AI in Insurance Consortium represents a pivotal step towards establishing best practices and transparency in AI usage. By fostering collaboration and setting ethical guidelines, insurtechs are contributing to a more consumer-friendly and innovative insurance landscape.

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