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  • An illustration representing the interconnected digital landscape of fintech and insurtech.

    Digital Evolution in Finance: Fintech, Insurtech, and the Quest for Enhanced Customer Experience

    Fintech and insurtech are revolutionizing the financial sector, introducing novel business models and streamlining processes. As these digital trends gain momentum, Pinnacle Digital Advisors emphasizes the importance of a holistic, consumer-centric approach, ensuring a seamless and enhanced user experience.

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  • Illustration of a handshake symbolizing a partnership between an insurance carrier and an Insurtech startup, with digital icons representing claims, payments, and underwriting surrounding them.

    Navigating the Insurtech Landscape: Building, Buying, or Partnering?

    The digital transformation of the insurance sector has brought forward the significant dilemma: Should carriers build their own Insurtech solutions or buy them? With an array of Insurtech partners frequently launching innovative solutions, the market offers an abundance of options. Yet, many carriers find value in owning and developing their solutions. Recently, at Insurtech Insights…

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  • An illustration of an iceberg, representing the current surge in InsurTech and the vast potential underneath

    The Ascent of InsurTech: Global Trends & Innovations in 2023

    The global InsurTech market has burgeoned from $10.44 billion in 2022 to $13.49 billion in 2023, marking a notable shift in the industry. With innovations such as IXT Seeble and Cymetrics Copilot, InsurTech is poised to redefine the intersection of insurance and technology.

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  • OneDegree Global and Microsoft Join Forces

    OneDegree Global & Microsoft Collaborate to Revolutionize Insurtech & Cybersecurity with Azure OpenAI

    OneDegree Global and Microsoft Hong Kong announce a strategic alliance, integrating Azure OpenAI into insurtech and cybersecurity tools. This partnership introduces groundbreaking AI features, transforming traditional insurance and cybersecurity methods and highlighting the importance of tech-driven solutions in these domains.

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  • Digital phoenix rising

    The Upsurge of InsurTech Startups Amidst Turbulent IPOs

    Despite turbulent IPOs, the InsurTech sector remains poised for growth. While some startups have seen market value declines, others, like Lemonade, thrive. With resilience and innovation at its core, the InsurTech industry continues to attract investor interest, promising a lucrative intersection between tech and insurance.

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  • Low code allows users to quickly put together solutions

    Empowering InsurTech: The Advent of Low-Code/No-Code Platforms

    Low-code/no-code software is revolutionizing insurtech by enabling the creation of tailored solutions without coding expertise, simplifying workflows, and accelerating digital transformation, making insurance providers more agile and cost-efficient.

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  • A graph illustrating the projected growth of the InsurTech market

    InsurTech’s Meteoric Rise: A Market Poised to Hit $49.78B by 2027

    The global InsurTech market is projected to soar from $10.53 billion in 2022 to $49.78 billion by 2027. Factors like health awareness, technological advancements, and innovative product offerings are fueling this growth, showcasing the sector’s dynamic evolution.

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  • Paylogix

    Paylogix: Pioneering a Digital Revolution in Insurtech

    Richard Pfadenhauer, founder of Paylogix, transformed the insurance industry with his cloud-based system for billing and premium payment. Recognized as an Insurtech pioneer, his innovative solutions revolutionized voluntary benefits administration, focusing on user experience and technological efficiency.

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  • Mylo

    Digital Agency Mylo Named Most Innovative InsurTech Company in Third Consecutive FinTech Award

    Mylo, a leader in InsurTech, has been named the 2023 Most Innovative InsurTech Company by Wealth & Finance International. This honor marks the third consecutive year of recognition for Mylo, appreciated for its cloud-based platform that caters uniquely to partners, agents, and customers, providing intelligent insurance solutions.

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  • Beam Benefits

    Beam Benefits raises $40M to boost company value 25%

    Beam Benefits secured $40 million in funding, increasing its valuation by 25% since early 2021. Georgian led the round, aiming for a 40% revenue growth for Beam through a broader benefits portfolio and platform enhancements. In 18 months, Beam introduced six new products, with plans for more. CEO Alex Frommeyer highlighted the funding’s significance.

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