BHTA Launches New Vision for Health and Social Care

The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) has unveiled its vision for the future of the medtech and life sciences sector in a new manifesto launched in Parliament. The manifesto notes a collaborative approach between industry and government can unlock capacity in the NHS, hasten hospital discharge, and allow innovative products to reach patients quickly and easily.

The manifesto was launched at a lively parliamentary reception, attended by a wide range of medical suppliers and addressed by key NHS Supply Chain representatives, Health Minister Lord Markham, and Shadow Health Minister Preet Gill MP.

The manifesto calls on the Government to utilize the experience, skills, and expertise of medical equipment providers to shape the structure and regulatory framework of the health and social care system. Crucially, it identifies “untapped” potential for innovation that could be liberated by reforming procurement processes and renewing focus on value-based procurement principles.

A digital image representing collaboration and innovation in the healthcare sector, showcasing the partnership between industry and government.

Mark Eastwood, Conservative MP for Dewsbury, highlighted the importance of med tech and healthcare suppliers in the health system, commending the BHTA for providing a template for collaborative design in building the future health and social care landscape.

Medical suppliers continue to face unprecedented financial and regulatory pressures, including navigating the transition to a post-Brexit regulatory landscape. This means the right frameworks must be in place for the continued supply of medical products to patients and to foster innovation and procurement value in the NHS.

The BHTA’s manifesto captures the industry’s call for greater inclusion in this process, providing the template for a collaborative approach.

David Stockdale, chief executive of the British Healthcare Trades Association, emphasized the critical timing of the manifesto launch and the crucial role of the health tech industry in addressing financial and regulatory pressures. He also highlighted the untapped potential for the sector to tackle pressures in the health system and enable patients to access high-quality care in community settings and at home.

Furthermore, Stockdale emphasized the need for the Government to draw on industry knowledge and expertise and to collaborate with industry to shape a future healthcare landscape that delivers high quality for patients, fosters innovation, and provides certainty for businesses.

Our Perspective

At Pinnacle Digital Advisors, we believe that the BHTA’s manifesto marks a crucial moment for the medtech and life sciences sector. The call for collaboration between industry and government to foster innovation and ensure patients’ access to cutting-edge medical products aligns with our mission of creating consumer-friendly solutions that drive positive impact in the healthcare landscape.

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