VentriJect Revolutionizing Cardiorespiratory Fitness Measurement

VentriJect, a Danish start-up, recently received second place at the Healthcare Innovation World Cup for its groundbreaking solution that allows for the measurement of cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) in less than three minutes without the need for exercise. The innovation, called Seismofit, utilizes a sensor device and algorithm to estimate CRF by measuring the vibrations of the heart against the chest wall through seismocardiography.

The significance of CRF in assessing overall health has gained recognition in recent years, with research linking it to predicting mortality and association with cancer. Traditionally, quantifying an individual’s cardiorespiratory fitness involved time-consuming and exhausting methods, which were unsuitable for certain demographics.

VentriJect’s innovation eliminates the need for exercise to produce an accurate measurement, making it accessible to everyone. Mikkel Kristiansen, CEO at VentriJect, emphasized the commercial potential of their technology and their ambition to integrate cardiorespiratory fitness into everyone’s health assessment. The company has already started selling Seismofit in the UK, Germany, and Denmark, with plans for further adoption in 2024.

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The barriers to measuring CRF, including practicality and cost, have been addressed by Seismofit, propelling VentriJect’s progress across EU markets. Their participation at MEDICA resulted in overwhelming feedback, exceeding all expectations and positioning the company for significant growth.

Our Perspective

At Pinnacle Digital Advisors, we recognize the transformative potential of VentriJect’s innovative approach to measuring cardiorespiratory fitness. The accessibility and accuracy of Seismofit not only revolutionize health assessments but also open doors for advancements in digital health and medical technology. We anticipate Seismofit to pave the way for a consumer-friendly and widespread integration of cardiorespiratory fitness monitoring.

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