Poppins Health: Revolutionizing Small-Business Health Plans

Meet Poppins Health, an insuretech startup that has recently rebranded itself to better reflect its core values and mission. Formerly known as UnifiHealth, the company has now adopted the name ‘Poppins Health’ to align with its all-digital approach to administering small-business health plans. Ross Klosterman, the CEO and co-founder, expressed the need for a rebrand, stating that the original name sounded too much like a legacy insurance behemoth. The company’s leadership team, including co-founders Brodie Stone and Olivia Cameron, made the decision to initiate the rebranding effort, which culminated in a gathering to brainstorm and define the company’s values and goals.

Poppins Health has made significant strides in its expansion efforts, with its first members in Cincinnati and active engagement with small businesses in its hometown of Columbus. The company’s plans for future growth extend to Dayton and a nationwide expansion, and Klosterman confidently asserts that new clients will continue to come on board every month of the year. Poppins Health’s approach to designing and managing health plans for employers extends beyond the traditional open enrollment season, providing flexibility and tailored solutions to its clients.

An image depicting a modern, digitally-driven approach to small-business healthcare technology.

The startup’s recent success is evident in its financial backing, having raised a cumulative $7 million in seed financing since the end of 2020 and launching its first employer-sponsored plans in Cincinnati on March 1. Poppins aims for substantial growth in the near future, with plans to triple in size by next year and add about 20 employees to its current dozen. The company’s ambitious projections indicate a potential expansion to 100 jobs over the next two years, showcasing its commitment to scaling its operations and making a meaningful impact in the industry.

Our Perspective

As a digital consulting company, Pinnacle Digital Advisors sees Poppins Health’s rebranding and innovative solutions as a testament to the evolving landscape of healthcare technology. The consumer-friendly approach adopted by Poppins Health aligns with Pinnacle Digital Advisors’ vision for leveraging technology to create accessible and intuitive solutions for both businesses and consumers. The rebranding initiative signifies a strategic shift towards a more modern and digitally-driven identity, reflecting the company’s commitment to advancing the industry.

Pinnacle Digital Advisors

This article originally published: [https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/inno/stories/news/2022/03/30/poppins-health-former-unifihealth-columbus.html]

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