Connected Caregiver Launches Innovative Smart Pillbox for Caregivers

Connected Caregiver has recently launched its Prompter Connected Pillbox, a technological solution aimed at making the lives of caregivers and their loved ones a little easier. The innovative device utilizes motion sensors and cellular alerts to remind users, particularly targeted towards seniors, to take their medications. These alerts also notify caregivers if any doses are missed, providing peace of mind and support for the challenges of managing medication schedules.

Jeff Hingher, chief marketing officer of Connected Caregiver, emphasized the significant responsibilities and burdens faced by family caregivers. He highlighted the lack of resources, training, and experience compared to professional caregivers and emphasized the pillbox’s role in addressing one of the key worries of family caregivers – the possibility of their loved ones forgetting to take their medication.

The Prompter™ Connected Pillbox prompts your Loved One to take their pills by lighting up (small LED lights on the device) and also sending a reminder via SMS, Push Notification, or Email when it is time to take their medication.

Connected Caregiver, a Brentwood-based remote patient monitoring company, aims to assist physicians in managing chronically ill patients and achieving better outcomes. In addition to the Prompter Connected Pillbox, the company also offers the free Connected Caregiver app and Safety+, a fall detection and medical alert device.

Statistics from the Tennessee Department of Health revealed that over 14% of Tennesseans had three or more chronic conditions in 2021. These conditions include cardiovascular disease, cancer, asthma, chronic kidney disease, depression, diabetes, and arthritis, highlighting the significance and potential impact of a solution like the Prompter Connected Pillbox within the state.

The Pillbox features visual prompts to remind users to take their medications, alongside customizable reminders sent through text, push notifications, or email via the app. Motion sensors and pill door sensors also play a crucial role in detecting and notifying caregivers if the pillbox has been interacted with, ensuring enhanced peace of mind and support for caregivers.

Our Perspective

As digital consultants at Pinnacle Digital Advisors, we are impressed by the innovative approach of Connected Caregiver in addressing the needs of caregivers and their loved ones. The launch of the Prompter Connected Pillbox aligns with our mission to promote consumer-friendly and impactful technologies that enhance people’s lives.

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