Revolutionizing Insurance Operations with Mylo’s Groundbreaking Insurtech Solution

Mylo, an independent broker insurtech, has emerged with a groundbreaking solution that aims to address the challenges faced by insurance agents in finding coverage products, providing quotes, and effectively interacting with carriers. Belen Tokarski, the president and chief operating officer of Mylo, highlighted the industry’s struggle to integrate applications seamlessly into the user experience, resulting in complaints from agencies about misplaced coverage and writing with carriers lacking optimal service centers.

Founded in 2014 by CEO David Embry, Mylo boasts an impressive background in executive roles at JPMorgan and American Century along with leadership of SelectQuote Benefit Solutions. With initial backing from insurer Lockton and subsequent investment from Guggenheim Partners, the company has made significant strides in revolutionizing the insurance landscape.

Mylo’s platform, Amplifi, has been instrumental in empowering agents with sophisticated technology that collects insurance intelligence, a resource previously beyond their reach. Embry emphasized the platform’s adaptability to address the needs of both large agencies and individual clients, positioning Mylo as a valuable ally in resolving complex insurance challenges. Partnering with 60 channel partners and having facilitated insurance sales to 66,000 clients across all 50 U.S. states, Mylo’s impact is undeniably significant.

Mylo's platform, Amplifi, has been instrumental in empowering agents with sophisticated technology that collects insurance intelligence, a resource previously beyond their reach.

The innovative approach presented by Mylo signifies a transformative shift in the insurance landscape, empowering agents with an invaluable tool that simplifies and enhances their operations, ultimately benefitting both industry professionals and end consumers.

Additionally, Mylo’s recent collaboration with mortgage lender and servicer Planet Home Lending to offer home insurance options to borrowers highlights its expanding influence in the industry. Boasting $160 million in premiums for personalized and commercialized small group benefits, Mylo’s distinguishing factor lies in its ability to gather applicant information, make coverage recommendations, and seamlessly obtain quotes through its integrations with carriers.

Fueled by its commitment to enhancing user experience, Mylo is dedicated to working with carriers to expand coverage options based on user requests, ultimately striving to meet the diverse needs of its extensive user base. Furthermore, the company’s ongoing development of a new pipeline for agents, set to launch in the fall, underscores Mylo’s unwavering dedication to continually advancing its recommendation engine for the benefit of the industry.

Our Perspective

As digital consulting experts at Pinnacle Digital Advisors, we view Mylo’s innovative platform, Amplifi, as a pivotal advancement in the insurance industry. By effectively addressing the challenges faced by insurance agents and prioritizing user experience, Mylo has redefined industry standards and paved the way for a more streamlined and consumer-friendly approach to insurance operations. The platform’s seamless integration of technology not only benefits agents but also enhances the overall insurance experience for end consumers, marking a significant leap forward in the digital transformation of the insurance landscape.

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