Innovation in Reinsurance Claims Processing: A Digital Revolution

Appian reported that Aon, a prominent global professional services company, has modernized and streamlined its reinsurance claims process by employing the Appian Platform.

In 2018, Aon’s Reinsurance Solutions began a program to transform operations. This program altered day-to-day activities for Aon’s global workforce and introduced new business procedures, necessitating updates to essential business software. Utilizing Appian’s 8-week quick deployment promise, Aon introduced a new claims workflow tool to facilitate this changeover, allowing team members to concentrate on client representation and improving service.

Bob Olson, the Chief Information Officer at Reinsurance Solutions for Aon, stated that the company aimed to revamp its operational structure by centralizing more transactional processes. Still, conventional development approaches did not provide the speed or capacity needed for such a shift. Olson highlighted that Appian’s platform facilitated rapid and effective low-code software creation and enabled the complete redesign of their processes through automation.

A digital workspace with a clear, organized flowchart on a computer screen, representing automated business processes in reinsurance claims processing. The flowchart includes icons for analytics, cloud computing, and collaboration. The background shows a modern office environment with digital devices, suggesting the integration of technology in workflow automation.
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Aon has enhanced its ability to assess and oversee process efficiency, promote ongoing refinement, and empower employees to dedicate their efforts to valuable tasks that assist clients in making more informed decisions by using automated workflows with Appian. Aon has efficiently integrated a substantial amount of data and logic that was previously compartmentalized by utilizing Appian’s ready-to-use extensions and API infrastructure, expediting the development of new claims workflows throughout the company while still leveraging existing algorithms and logic related to claims and billing.

Pavel Zamudio Ramirez, Appian‘s Chief Customer Officer, remarked that Aon has reached operational efficiency through the strategic design and automation of business processes. The Customer Success team at Appian worked closely with Aon for the swift implementation of business functionalities, allowing Aon to innovate effectively at the user interface level with the latest web and mobile technologies, while also taking advantage of robust back-end features through API integration.

Our Perspective:

We see Aon’s move to digitize and automate its reinsurance claims process using the Appian Platform as a significant leap forward in the professional services sector. Embracing such innovative and consumer-friendly solutions demonstrates a shift towards prioritizing efficiency and service quality. This transformation, backed by the Appian Guarantee, showcases how leveraging technology can streamline operations, thereby promoting a more focused approach to client advocacy.

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